2,517,340 Kredit SM
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Reputasi SM

Setiap pengurus akan bermula dengan 40 mata reputasi dan setiap minggu, 1 mata reputasi akan ditambah (selagi anda masih menguruskan pasukan)

There are 10 reputation levels within the game:

20010SM Deity
1509SM Legend
1258SM Elite
1007SM Expert
756SM Professional
455SM Experienced
404SM Rookie

Your reputation will have an affect on several aspects of the game.

  • Firstly, which Permainan Dunia you can enter as a Dunia Permainan Rekaan owner can select a minimum reputation level for entry.
  • Secondly, on how many clubs you can manage (please refer to My Home to see how many clubs you can currently manage).
  • Lastly, how other managers view you within the game.